Sample Lessons

Byline is so new, the videos are still receiving edits! Please note that the following video samples are not the final product and will be updated soon. We offer them as they are, to give you a feel for the course.

We highly recommend also viewing the video samples of our flagship curriculum, The One Year Adventure Novel, and our middle school curriculum, Cover Story, to experience the creative, high-quality video we are known for!

Short Excerpt from VIDEO Lesson 1: “Chronojournalism

Madge Witherspoon, owner of the fictional 1930s newspaper, The Metropolitan World, unburdens her mind to her newest recruit—your Byline student.

Byline VIDEO sample, Lesson 2:Noting to See

Corresponding TRAINING MANUAL sample,
Lesson 2: “Noting to See

Lesson 2 from the Training Manual – COMING SOON
(To be done by the student after viewing the video lesson)

Byline VIDEO sample, Lesson 19: “The Feature”

Byline “Parents & Teachers” VIDEO:

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